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In the pursuit of a cleaner, greener future, automotive technology has taken a revolutionary turn. Introducing the Honda Clarity, a name synonymous with innovation in alternative fuel vehicles. The Honda Clarity family encompasses various eco-friendly options, ranging from hydrogen fuel-cell electric vehicles to battery-electric and plug-in hybrid electric models.

At the forefront of this lineup is the iconic 2008 Honda FCX Clarity, a pioneer in hydrogen fuel-cell technology. Combining the best of electric car qualities with the convenience of traditional gasoline vehicles, the FCX Clarity offers zero emissions, rapid refueling times, and an impressive range. Production of the FCX Clarity began in June 2008, with leasing options available in the United States shortly after. It quickly gained attention for its groundbreaking technology and innovative design.

The FCX Clarity had electric car qualities such as zero emissions while offering five minute refueling times and long range in a full function large sedan. It was the first hydrogen fuel cell vehicle available to retail customers. The FCX Clarity's features include an AM-FM car radio with CD player, integration for iPod and iPhone, a USB port, auxiliary input, a voice-activated GPS navigation system, XM satellite radio, cloth seating surfaces, Bluetooth, and digital instrumentation.

Powered by a 100 kW Honda Vertical Flow hydrogen fuel cell stack, the FCX Clarity delivers exceptional performance with regenerative braking and a separate battery for energy storage. With a range of up to 240 miles on a full hydrogen tank, this sedan is not just environmentally friendly but also practical for everyday use. Inside the FCX Clarity, drivers are treated to a blend of comfort and sustainability. From the innovative dashboard display to the plant-derived Bio-Fabric upholstery, every detail reflects Honda's commitment to eco-conscious design.

Manufactured in Japan with precision and care, the FCX Clarity represents a significant step forward in automotive engineering. Looking ahead, Honda aims to make hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles more accessible and affordable, with plans to offer competitive pricing by 2020. As we pave the way towards a cleaner tomorrow, the Honda Clarity stands as a beacon of progress in the automotive industry.

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